Tag: Climate Change

Shell Ordered to Deepen Carbon Cuts in Landmark Dutch Climate Case

A Dutch court ordered Royal Dutch Shell to drastically deepen planned greenhouse gas emission cuts on Wednesday, in a landmark ruling that could trigger legal action against energy companies around …

New Non-Profit ClimateWest to Support Climate Adaptation in Prairies

New hub will deliver climate info, data, & adaptation guidance tailored to the Prairie region

Province Adopts New Blend Requirements for Ethanol in Gasoline and for Biodiesel in Diesel

New Measures Expected to Deliver Approximately 220,000 Tonnes of GHG Emissions Reductions Per Year

Prime Minister Announces Canada’s Strengthened Climate Plan

This plan is a cornerstone of the government’s commitment in the 2020 Speech from the Throne to create over one million jobs, restoring employment to pre-pandemic levels.