Indigenous Housing Quality Analyst Program

Attention Housing Managers!

The Indigenous Housing Quality Analyst Program (IHQAP) is designed to provide ideas and solutions to improve the housing supply chain in Indigenous communities in Manitoba. The IHQAP project will build capacity for communities, provide opportunities for future employment and a pathway for well planned, community-specific sustainable housing upgrades.

The purpose of IHQAP is to train community members, in their First Nation community, to become Housing Quality Analysts while providing their community with an inventory assessment of the condition of the homes. The IHQAP program could provide your community members free training.

Training Content

➢ Energy Efficiency
➢ Exterior, Foundation
➢ Roof, Attic
➢ Basement / Crawlspace
➢ Electrical, Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning
➢ Water Heater, Plumbing
➢ Washrooms, Laundry, Sinks
➢ Interior, Doors, Windows

➢ Kitchen, Appliance Function
➢ Fireplaces, Stoves, Chimneys, Flue
➢ On-Site Heating Fuel Storage
➢ Outbuildings, Home Surroundings
➢ Waste handling systems
➢ Water Supply Systems
➢ Safety / Monitoring Systems
➢ Data Entry, Report Writing

Training Methods

➢ In-person, in-community
➢ Hands-on housing quality analysis
➢ Classroom teaching: curriculum binder, assignments, videos, and instruction materials

Program Outcomes

➢Training and MEIA certification of 5-10 IHQAP quality analysts per community.
➢ Sample completed housing quality analyses providing a complete picture of the condition of the home.
➢ Compilation of the sample quality analyses setting the stage for future repairs or upgrades.

System Outcomes

➢ Integrated housing quality analysis software for a community housing database
➢ Guide community decision-makers and potential funders to access Federal or Provincial funding to repair and upgrade homes
➢ Build local capacity to provide quality analysis services

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For more information contact MEIA at (204) 783-7090 or [email protected]

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