About Student Chapter

Connecting Environmentally-Focused Students with Professionals in the Environmental Sector

The MEIA Student Chapter is designed for university and college students who wish to enhance their knowledge of the environmental industry and to network with potential future employers. Students from all disciplines can join! Architecture, law, engineering, environmental sciences and more.

The MEIA recognizes the uncertainty the pandemic has brought for students. That is why the annual Student Chapter membership has been reduced to $30, half the rate from previous years.

Student Chapter membership begins September 1st and ends August 31st. Membership is available to all post-secondary students in Manitoba. Recent graduates are eligible for Student Chapter membership for up to 2 years after graduation or until they have found full-time employment in the energy, natural resource, or environmental sectors, whichever comes first.

Membership in the Student Chapter comes with many benefits!

  • Receive job opportunities sent directly to your inbox
  • Access to networking opportunities such as the Student Chapter’s biannual Speed Mentoring events where you can connect one-on-one with professionals in the environmental sector;
  • Participate in training seminars offering Student Chapter members the opportunity to develop elevator pitch skills, share ideas, projects and opportunities;
  • Discounted rates on MEIA professional development learning sessions, workshops and conferences 
  • Scholarship opportunities for members
  • Opportunity to sit on the Emerging Issues Conference Planning Committee

To renew or to become a member of the MEIA’s Student Chapter, fill out the Member Application Form, or contact MEIA at (204) 783-7090.

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MEIA Student Chapter Board 2023-24

Anika Hatherly, Co-Chair

Tolgonai (Ayla) Artykbai, Co-Chair

Elizabeth Kaggwa, Event Coordinator

Annika Niblock, Event Coordinator 

Kateesha Wai, Student Engagement Director

Mohammed Sadman Sakib, Social Media Manager 

Klara Gagnon, Creative Marketing Coordinator 

Shekhar Dasgupta, Sponsorship Coordinator 

Student Chapter Alumni