Sector Council Program

The Manitoba government recognizes that a skilled, adaptable and productive workforce is essential for employers to complete locally and in the global market. The Sector Council Program supports organizations in key Manitoba sectors to develop and deliver workforce training for new and existing employees to support business growth and prosperity. 

MEIA is the Sector Council for the Natural Resources, Energy and Environment sector which includes:

  • Industries involved in processing of raw materials extracted from the environment (e.g. trapping, commercial fishing, mining, oil and gas, forestry)
  • Industries involved in the production and sale of energy including fuel extraction, refining and distribution
  • Industries involved in renewable energy from natural resources including solar, geothermal, hydroelectricity, bio-waste, wind
  • Industries involved in providing goods and services related to environmental monitoring and assessment, pollution avoidance, pollution control, remediation and restoration and sustainable development through process efficiencies and production of environmental beneficial or benign products.

With funding provided by Economic Development Investment and Trade, MEIA works to lead collaboration and strengthen partnerships among participants of these major sectors of Manitoba’s economy in the areas of training, education, awareness and human resource development.