Climate Action and Sustainability Resources for Manitoba

This resource page lists service companies and consultants who specialize in Climate Adaptation and Resilience.

Aki Energy works with Manitoba First Nations to reduce energy costs through investments in renewable energy while providing hands-on training to local tradespeople, ensuring that the project creates local employment and long term economic development opportunities. To date, Aki Energy has installed over $25 million in ground source heat pumps on Manitoba First Nations, training and employing community members to do the work.  “Connect the people who most need the work with the work that most needs to be done.”

If you are interested in pursuing a geothermal energy project in your community or finding out more about Aki Energy and our work, please get in touch at [email protected] /(204) 956-7962.

BGP Environmental Group opened its doors in 2020 to undertake environmental remediation of impacted areas! The company has three divisions Air, Water, and Recycled rubber.

  • Our mission: is to provide technology driven, cost-effective biological solutions to environmental challenges facing our global community.

BizforClimate is a business-led not-for-profit promoting action to address climate change and advocate for the clean, zero-emissions economy of the future. Our mission is to mobilize businesses as advocates to shape climate policy and support the transition to a net-zero economy. Geared for business owners, BizforClimate makes it easy to have a positive impact by offering informative solutions, dialogue, and opportunities for collective action. Sign the Climate Action Pledge and join a growing movement of businesses using our collective voice and influence to advocate for the clean and sustainable economy of the future.  

CanSustain is a Manitoba based sustainability consultancy that provides support to clients across the country. Our mandate is to help organizations on their sustainability journey, no matter where they are starting from. We have had the privilege of serving a variety of types of clients across many different industries by providing support through project management, training and engagement, sustainability strategy development and execution, as well as through expert advice.  We work through legacy and emerging sustainability issues including legislative compliance, climate change mitigation and adaptation, clean-tech development, ESG, and circular economies.  No matter the project, we are your sustainability team.

Our website is

Kai Costantini, Business Consultant for Circularity and Circular Economy Club Local Chapter Lead. [email protected]

The Circular Economy Club of Winnipeg is part of a global network of clubs collaborating to raise awareness, educate, and showcase business models fostering circularity to help move society collectively toward regenerative and sustainable business practices that reduce climate change and biodiversity loss. The club’s Canada network produced a report on Canadian Business Circularity. Connect with the Club  – interactive platform / [email protected]

Working across Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta, ClimateWest empowers communities, businesses, non-profits and governments to thrive in the face of a changing climate. We are part of a growing network of regional climate hubs that work closely with the Canadian Centre for Climate Services (CCCS) to provide climate services.
ClimateWest’s Help Desk is a free, public resource that can support you with your climate adaptation needs and questions. Whether you need assistance locating relevant region-specific data, understanding its implications, or guidance on integration of climate data into decision-making, please reach out by email, phone or through our website.

Crosier Kilgour provides several services that help companies mitigate carbon emissions or increase their climate resilience.  Our Building Performance division specializes in energy modelling for new buildings, retrofits, and to meet various incentive or green building programs, building systems and building envelope commissioning (both new and existing buildings), carbon modelling , green building certification programs and climate change resiliency assessments for new projects.

You want to measure, manage and reduce your operational greenhouse gas emissions. You want to build internal capacity to get your employees motivated and engaged to contribute. Where to start? I help you create a deCarbon Culture that works for your business. Whether it’s employee Carbon Literacy or Practical Greenhouse Gas Management, I train SMEs to take control of their greenhouse gas emissions and begin the journey to Net Zero. Start creating a deCarbon Culture now! Visit the DeCarbon Culture website or contact [email protected] for more information.

Since 2020, EasyEV Inc. has been at the forefront of building Manitoba’s sustainable transportation infrastructure. As Manitoba’s premier Electric Vehicle charging specialists, EasyEV offers comprehensive turn-key installation solutions for residential, commercial and municipal clients.

At EasyEV, we empower our clients to embrace sustainability and promote zero-emission transportation by seamlessly integrating EV chargers into their properties. Whether it’s for their customers, staff, or municipal fleets, our solutions enable communities to reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to a cleaner, greener future. With a wide selection of EV charging products, software monitoring tools, and a network of experienced installers, EasyEV is your trusted partner in achieving your sustainability goals.

EMILI is an industry-led non-profit committed to accelerating Canada’s growth as a leader in digital agriculture. Validating and demonstrating new technologies on Innovation Farms is one of the ways that we collaborate with partners across the ecosystem to increase sustainable, economically resilient practices and empower growers and others along the value chain to make good decisions when adopting and fully deploying digital tools. Subscribe to EMILI’s monthly newsletter and follow us on LinkedIn and X to stay informed on digital agriculture activities and initiatives. Or email us: [email protected]

Environment Analyst’s free Corporate Guide: Accelerating your ESG transition contains recommendations and actionable strategies relevant for companies of all sizes and industry sectors. Get insights on addressing the scope three challenge, setting credible stretch targets, preparing for nature-based reporting, legislative updates, maximizing social value, making meaningful ESG progress and operationalising net zero.

At Green Action Centre we offer Green Audits: a sustainability audit that assesses your organization’s climate impact and identifies opportunities to become more sustainable and climate resilient. In addition to the Green Audit, we also run waste audits and transportation surveys.

Herzing College offers a 12-month online Supply Chain Management and Logistics Diploma Program which includes, among others, skills for lowering costs and improving efficiency at every stage of the supply and logistics chain process, from manufacturing to purchase.

International Institute For Sustainable Development (IISD)’s energy experts offer practical guidance to help authorities choose the right system of electricity generation, reduce consumption of fossil-based transport fuels, and implement international climate change commitments. It works side-by-side with local partners for less costly, more equitable energy systems. Aware of international policy developments, its energy team members identify wasteful practices, encourage new thinking, engage civil society, and support policy reform. IISD is also actively engaged in a broader range of sustainability issues, including watershed management, water quality enhancement, mining, and climate change adaptation.

Innovative NRG provides a financially attractive, commercial waste-to-energy solution for business.  The Rapid Organic Convertor (ROC) recycles (organic and synthetic) waste into heat and electricity, at the point of waste production, on-site.  This clean energy technology reduces the use of natural gas and eliminates both transportation costs and landfill tipping fees; while at the same time reducing the company’s carbon footprint by eliminating GHGs from landfills, transportation, and the reduction of natural gas use; profitability and sustainably.

A changing climate has a real and measurable impact on Manitoba businesses. From production losses due to extreme weather events to disruptive market trends. However, climate change can also present new market opportunities, for example consumer preferences for low-carbon products and services. In today’s marketplace, climate action and sustainability are increasingly seen as drivers of economic competitiveness. That’s why the Manitoba Chambers of Commerce created the Climate Action Toolkit, in collaboration with Novel Futures Corporation, the International Institute for Sustainable Development, and the Manitoba Environmental Industries Association, and with support from the Government of Manitoba’s Conservation and Climate Fund. 

Nioex Systems Inc. is a Manitoba based company that manufactures and markets Biovator, a state of the art in-vessel composting system. Our mission is to provide schools, restaurants, market places, farms and more with an environmentally and cost effective alternative for disposal of their organic waste. Biovator is a pioneer with over 20 years experience in the in-vessel composting industry with multiple units operating within Manitoba and worldwide.

Novel Futures Director, Darren Swanson, is a certified Infrastructure Resilience Professional (IRP) with experience in strategic foresight and risk assessment, including applying the PIEVC Protocol, one of the recommended risk assessment methodologies of Infrastructure Canada’s Climate Lens General Guidance. As the precursor to creating robust plans to enhance resilience, Novel Futures works with municipal governments, First Nations, and business clients to identify and assess the risks and opportunities that climate change poses to infrastructure and across value chains. For more information, visit

Peg City Car Co-op gets people moving in a way that’s convenient and sustainable. We can help you go car-free (or car-light), which is good for your wallet and the environment! Carsharing is a great compliment if you walk, bike, and use public transit to get around. Sign up to receive an access key and an online account to book a vehicle where and when you want it. Whether you need to drive for a few minutes, days, or hours, you can choose from crossovers, hatchbacks, hybrid electrics, cargo vans, minivans, and trucks. Peg City offers free-floating and round-trip carsharing.

Pinchin Sustainability & Environmental Performance

Pinchin’s Sustainability Team can provide cradle to grave sustainability services for your buildings and can provide the following services to help you better understand your current standing and help keep track of your climate positive efforts:

Zero Carbon Readiness Screening

Sustainability Scorecard

Climate Resiliency

Sustainable Building Manitoba (SBM) is committed to enhancing sustainable building practices across Manitoba. Through comprehensive education sessions, advocacy efforts, and community-building initiatives, SBM strives to promote environmentally friendly construction methods and technologies. By organizing informative sessions and workshops, SBM educates individuals and professionals alike on the importance of sustainability in building design and construction. Additionally, SBM advocates for policies and practices that prioritize sustainability within the industry. Through fostering a strong community of like-minded individuals, SBM encourages collaboration and knowledge-sharing, facilitating the adoption of sustainable building practices throughout Manitoba. Together, we can create a more sustainable future for our communities and the environment.

For over 20 years Triple Green Products has been providing quality heating systems for agricultural, commercial and industrial applications. As the world has become more aware of the consequences of human impacts on our world Triple Green has responded by providing our customers with solutions that protect their bottom line and the environment. Our systems allow our users to use biomass fuel alternatives for heating, crop and aggregate drying and composting/dehydrating and our patent-pending cyclonic filter ensures regulatory compliance with the most stringent emission controls mandated in North America regardless of fuel source. Triple Green represents A BETTER WAY to do business.

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