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The Manitoba Environmental Industries Association (MEIA) works to advance environmental and clean technology opportunities in Manitoba through networking, education and support for its members. 

As a provincial Sector Council, we also develop and deliver customized, high-quality workforce training to Manitoba’s natural resources, energy and environment industries.

The MEIA is located in Winnipeg (Treaty 1 Territory) the historic meeting place of the Anishinaabeg, Inninewuk, Anishininiwag, Dakota, and Dene, and the homeland of the Métis Nation. The water we drink comes from Shoal Lake First Nation.


Manitoba Government Announces $40M Enhancement to Sector Council Program

Annual Funding Boost Will Expand Workforce Development, Skills Training in 11 Priority Economic Sectors

New Control Zones Announced to Help Prevent Spread of Aquatic Invasive Species

The creation of new aquatic invasive species (AIS) control zones are among a suite of changes being implemented by the Manitoba government aimed at enhancing efforts to fight the spread …

Manitoba Government Investing $1.55 Million to Support Mineral Sector Development

The Manitoba government is granting $1.55 million to the Mining Association of Manitoba Inc. (MAMI) and the Communities Economic Development Fund (CEDF) to support mineral exploration and development in the …

2022 Emerging Issues Cleantech Conference Highlights video

Check out these highlights from the 2022 Emerging Issues Cleantech Conference!

Our 2023 Cleantech Conference will be held on November 22, 2023. For more information and to take advantage of early bird pricing, please visit

About MEIA

What is MEIA?

MEIA is a trusted information and opportunity hub equipping the natural resource, energy and environment industries in Manitoba to:

  • stay current on governmental policy and legislation
  • increase their knowledge of environmental practices
  • gain essential business growth and development insight

Our mandate of education, awareness and workforce development makes us a central resource for companies, local governments, students, individuals, Indigenous communities, and industry stakeholders.

Established in 1991, we stay current on all industry trends and issues, ensuring our members and associates have access to emerging opportunities and are connected to the resources they need to solve very real environmental challenges.

MEIA is also the provincial Sector Council for the Natural Resources, Energy and Environment Sector in Manitoba, supporting industry growth and workforce development.

What does MEIA do?

MEIA represents and works on behalf of its members to ensure Manitoba remains competitive in local and global markets in the natural resources, energy and environment sectors, including providing workforce training to support business growth and prosperity.

We fulfill our mandate by taking a leadership role in industry and workforce development, advocacy, education and training, programming, and networking.

Sector Council

MEIA is the appointed Sector Council for the Province of Manitoba’s Natural Resources, Energy and Environment Sector. 

In this role, we are funded by Economic Development and Training to lead collaboration, strengthen partnerships, and enhance workforce development in these sectors through training, education, awareness, and human resource development to support business growth and prosperity.

Member Types


  • Professional development training
  • Recruitment and retention strategies
  • Networking opportunities and best practices exchange

Government and Policy Makers

  • Resources for legislative and regulatory inquiries and issue response
  • Cost-effective source of knowledge on environmental issues
  • Broad expertise including water, wastewater, land drainage issues, contaminated sites, weed control
  • Formal collaborations with other organizations and government agencies

People and Stakeholders

  • Member forums and networks for opportunity and interaction
  • Advocacy and support for innovative and sustainable technologies development
  • Learning sessions, workshops and courses on emerging environmental industry sector issues
  • Student platforms for education, job placement and workforce development



We develop and host virtual and in-person learning sessions, training programs, conferences, special events, e-news, and project partnerships on emerging industry issues for companies, students, individuals and stakeholders.


We advocate for and support Manitoba’s prosperity in the natural resource, energy and environment sectors, including supporting innovative and sustainable technologies development. We also act as a central resource for legislative and regulatory inquiries on a wide range of environmental issues.

Workforce Development

We aim to ensure Manitoba has a skilled, adaptable and productive workforce in the natural resources, energy and environment sectors by providing recruitment and retention strategies to companies alongside workforce training and professional development to new and existing employees.

Discover Member Benefits

When you join MEIA, you become part of a diverse group of Manitoba companies, organizations, stakeholders, communities and individuals who share a goal of supporting innovation and prosperity in the provinces’ natural resources, energy and environment sectors.

Our events and programming facilitate communication and networking among our membership, bringing essential research, business and regulatory perspectives together. Build your contacts and opportunities, attend or present at MEIA-hosted events, read and contribute to our newsletter, increase your industry and regulatory knowledge, and more.

Join us today and discover the benefits of MEIA membership.

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