Prime Minister Announces Canada’s Strengthened Climate Plan


On December 11th, the Prime Minister announced Canada’s strengthened climate plan, A Healthy Environment and a Healthy Economy, which will help achieve our economic and environmental goals. Canada’s strengthened climate plan builds on continuing work with provinces and territories through the Pan-Canadian Framework on Clean Growth and Climate Change (PCF), which was released in 2016. When coupled with the PCF, the strengthened plan will do more to cut pollution in a practical and affordable way than any other climate plan in Canada’s history. It means we can exceed our 2030 Paris Agreement emissions reduction target and establish the building blocks to get to net-zero by 2050. The proposed plan will also enable Canada to be an active and constructive player in the global fight against climate change.

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The Healthy Environment and a Healthy Economy plan focuses on five pillars:

  • Making the Places Canadians Live and Gather More Affordable by Cutting Energy Waste
  • Making Clean, Affordable Transportation and Power Available in Every Canadian Community
  • Continuing to Ensure Pollution Isn’t Free and Households Get More Money Back
  • Building Canada’s Clean Industrial Advantage
  • Embracing the Power of Nature to Support Healthier Families and More Resilient Communities

The plan also commits to developing Canada’s first-ever national adaptation strategy. It contains new measures to support Indigenous climate leadership. It will support a strong Canadian contribution toward international climate action. Every dollar spent in the post pandemic stimulus plan outlined in the Fall Economic Statement—amounting to three to four percent of GDP—will be assessed for its effectiveness in furthering the goals of this plan. The plan also commits to applying a climate lens to integrate climate considerations throughout government decision-making.