Canada Announces New International Climate Finance Funding for Nature-Based Solutions


The Government of Canada announced $315 million in new funding for organizations in Canada to engage in climate action activities. The new initiative, called “Partnering for Climate,” represents a significant allocation of Canada’s 5-year, $5.3-billion climate finance commitment made in 2021. The initiative aligns with the Feminist International Assistance Policy (FIAP), in particular the Environment and Climate Action area, and will fund projects from civil society, Indigenous and other organizations to support climate change adaptation in the Global South.

Two funding envelopes will be created: the first, of $300 million, will encourage broad non-governmental engagement in climate change programming in sub-Saharan Africa—including $20 million for advancing women’s rights and climate change adaptation; the second, of $15 million, will support Indigenous peoples and organizations in Canada in advancing climate action alongside Indigenous partners in developing countries.

This funding is open to new and non-traditional partnerships. This will allow for diverse experiences, resources and expertise to be leveraged for nature-based solutions (e.g. mangrove restoration, agroforestry, wetland protection, etc.) in the most vulnerable places affected by climate change.