Indigenous Housing Inspection Program

In January 2022, Manitoba Environmental Industries Association (MEIA) received Incubation Funding from the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) for the Housing Supply Challenge – Getting Started round. The Getting Started round seeks to identify locally relevant solutions that improve the pre-development process for housing that is affordable.
The project titled ‘Indigenous Housing Inspection Program’ (IHIP) intent is to provide ideas and prototype solutions to improve Canada’s housing supply chain in northern and remote regions in Manitoba. The IHIP project represents an excellent way to build capacity for communities and will provide a pathway for well planned, sustainable housing upgrades.
The purpose of the IHIP is to train community members, in their First Nation community, to become home inspectors while providing their community with an inventory assessment of the condition of the homes.

Training Content

➢ Energy Efficiency
➢ Exterior, Foundation
➢ Roof, Attic
➢ Basement / Crawlspace
➢ Electrical, Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning
➢ Water Heater, Plumbing
➢ Washrooms, Laundry, Sinks
➢ Interior, Doors, Windows

➢ Kitchen, Appliance Function
➢ Fireplaces, Stoves, Chimneys, Flue
➢ On-Site Heating Fuel Storage
➢ Outbuildings, Home Surroundings
➢ Waste handling systems
➢ Water Supply Systems
➢ Safety / Monitoring Systems
➢ Data Entry, Report Writing

Training Methods

➢ In-person, in-community
➢ Hands-on inspections
➢ Classroom teaching: curriculum binder, assignments, videos, and instruction materials

Program Outcomes

➢Training and MEIA certification of 5-10 IHIP inspectors per community
➢ Sample completed housing inspections providing a complete picture of the condition of the home.
➢ Compilation of the sample inspections setting the stage for future repairs or upgrades.

System Outcomes

➢ Integrated housing inspecting software for a community housing database
➢ Guide community decision-makers and potential funders to access Federal or Provincial funding to repair and upgrade homes
➢ Build local capacity to provide inspection services
➢ Local employment of graduated IHIP inspectors

Pilot Project Partners

➢ Manitoba Environmental Industries Association
➢ DLF Consulting
➢ Manitoba Construction Sector Council
➢ Efficiency Manitoba
➢ Barren Lands First Nation

➢ Sioux Valley Dakota Nation
➢ Boke Consulting
➢ Parkland Skills Training & Research Institute
➢ NorthStar Inspections
➢ Mr. Peg