Norway House Cree Nation and Manitoba Government Sign Memorandum of Agreement on Forestry Development


The Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with Norway House Cree Nation establishes a foundation for many years of collaboration between the Manitoba government and Norway House Cree Nation on forestry and natural resource-related initiatives.

Under the MOA, the Manitoba government has committed to supporting a number of initiatives led by Norway House Cree Nation including:

  • creating a community-run, multi-year tree plant program that will train and employ youth and community members;
  • conducting a multiphase traditional land-use study, led by the community, which prioritizes the areas and interests of Norway House Cree Nation;
  • providing a community allocation of timber for use in Norway House Cree Nation’s sawmills for the purpose of building approximately 500 homes in the community; and
  • returning up to 45 per cent of revenues collected from timber dues returned to rights holders.

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