New MOU between Canada and Manitoba to Protect Lake Winnipeg and Its Basin


Lake Winnipeg is a valuable freshwater resource known for its fisheries, critical habitat for migratory birds, plentiful beaches, and importance to the livelihood of many communities along its shores.

On August 12, 2021 a new Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed between the governments of Canada and Manitoba to advance collaborative work to protect Lake Winnipeg.

Building upon a previous 10-year agreement between the two governments, the new MOU will support a cooperative and co-ordinated approach to understand and protect the water quality and ecological health of Lake Winnipeg and its basin, including reducing nutrient loading. The MOU will also support engagement of Indigenous Peoples to advance reconciliation and mutual priorities related to water quality and the ecological health of Lake Winnipeg.

Parliamentary Secretary Duguid also announced $519,600 in federal funding today to support 10 new projects under Environment and Climate Change Canada’s Lake Winnipeg Basin Program.

The Parliamentary Secretary was joined by a representative from Northeast Red Watershed District. Their project received $25,000 to improve water quality by stabilizing creek banks and creating a water retention site to help reduce erosion and retain excessive nutrients from reaching waterways.

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