Manitoba Releases its Clean Energy Roadmap


The Manitoba government has launched a new clean energy roadmap Manitoba’s Energy Roadmap: Pathway to Prosperity. The roadmap will ensure government, communities and industry make strategic investments in the energy sector for sustainable economic growth and provides direction for the province to leverage its clean energy advantages to position itself for economic opportunities while advancing climate goals, Indigenous participation, energy affordability and electricity modernization.

The roadmap lays out an energy strategy framework with four key goals:

  • modernizing energy governance,
  • attracting investment and jobs,
  • keeping residential rates affordable and industrial rates competitive, and
  • positioning Manitoba as a low-carbon leader.

The roadmap outlines several key action areas to achieve Manitoba’s energy goals including:

  • modernizing governance with the creation of the Manitoba Electricity Task Force, made up of representatives from the Manitoba government, Manitoba Hydro and Efficiency Manitoba to provide strategic advice and leadership to all of government;
  • saving energy through the introduction of additional efficiency measures to reduce or defer the need to invest in new generation and distribution assets; and
  • growing and diversifying by investing in further capacity at existing energy generation stations, investing in automated metering infrastructure and streamlining project approvals.

The roadmap will also provide opportunity for Manitoba’s Indigenous communities to participate in clean energy projects, which will create sustained economic benefits for remote and Indigenous communities, and support Indigenous reconciliation.

Manitoba’s Energy Roadmap signifies an imminent energy transition, focused on adopting low-emission energy sources and technologies to replace emitting energy sources. Manitoba Hydro is aligned with these objectives and have factored them into planning exercises over the past two years through a new integrated resource plan, which will be released shortly.

Manitoba’s Energy Roadmap aligns with the Opportunities for Economic Growth Action Plan , a comprehensive set of tangible, focused and strategic actions the Manitoba government is advancing in partnership with stakeholders and the private sector to create a stronger economic future for Manitobans.

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