Wage Funding Employment Programs From ECO Canada


ECO Canada is the steward for the Canadian environmental workforce across all industries and they support businesses with programs that build a strong workforce with environmental best practice in mind.

If your organization plans to hire, now is the time! ECO Canada funding programs can help you grow your business with less staffing expense.

Your business can get up to 75% of funding and/or training covered with amounts between $15k to $30k available. 
Working with the federal government, ECO Canada offers three employment funding programs for organizations to hire recent graduates in roles with an environmental focus.

Youth in Natural Resources funds $22,500 per hire which can increase up $30,000 for Indigenous youth, Rural or remote positions. This program focuses on roles in Natural Resources or STEM
Apply by October 1st, 2020 to secure funding

Science Horizons Internship funds 50% per hire up to $15,000.This program focuses on roles in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math
Apply by October 1st, 2020 to secure funding

Digital Skills for Youth funds 100% per hire up to max of $25,000

  • Cleantech innovation and sustainable technology initiatives
  • Digital marketers aiming to promote environmental businesses
  • Developers that create apps or software related to environmental education
  • GHG specialists in charge of predictive modeling or the analysis of emissions
  • Drone operators that monitor remote well sites or wildlife corridors
  • GIS specialists that use software to analyze mapping data or databases that surround environmental monitoring
  • Analysts and IT specialists working with EHS data
  • Funding is open until December 31, 2020 – places are limited

ECO Canada employment funding programs were created to stimulate skill development, business growth and workforce advancement. Let ECO Canada help you do that. Applications take only 20 minutes.
Take the eligibility assessment and apply: https://www.eco.ca/employment-programs/
Funding ends soon. Let ECO Canada help you to hire. Reach out to us at [email protected] with any questions.