Restoring Safe Services: Phase 4


The draft Phase 4 plan proposed a number of changes to be implemented as early as July 25. As a result of public health evidence and advice and in response to feedback received, phase four will proceed but with some items deferred to a later date or moved forward with more limited implementation, while other steps will remain as proposed.

Items moving forward with more limited implementation on July 25 include:
•    maintaining current site capacity at 30 per cent for faith-based services, pow wows, but eliminating the need for sub-groups (cohorts);
•    allowing stage performances and opening movie theatres to a maximum capacity of 30 per cent of the site, up to a maximum of 500 people;
•    allowing casinos to open at a maximum of 30 per cent of the site’s capacity; and
•    allowing retail businesses and indoor recreation sites to use non-permeable barriers when distances of two metres can not be maintained.

The following proposed changes have been deferred at this time:
•    proposed changes to indoor and outdoor gathering sizes;
•    relaxing of self-isolation requirements for those travelling from eastern and southern Ontario, Quebec and Atlantic Canada; and
•    walk-up counter service in bars, beverage rooms, brew pubs, microbreweries and distilleries.

Public health officials will review possible adjustments on a week-by-week basis and make any additional changes based on the public health situation at the time.

Click here to view the Phase 4 Plan

To view the updated phase four plan and to review public health guidance for businesses, visit the Province of Manitoba website.