Restoring Safe Services: Phase 3


Phase Three of restoring safe services in Manitoba has been released and comes into effect June 21, 2020.

Phase 3 will continue to encourage businesses to take steps to help staff, customers and visitors stay safe including:
– ensuring people are able to reasonably maintain 2m of distance;
– only conducting necessary and brief exchanges within 2m of others;
– applying enhanced cleaning protocols, especially in common areas like washrooms;
– maintaining physical distancing and food-handling protocols in workplace areas including lunch and common areas;
– ensuring staff stay home when feeling sick; and
– following personal risk reduction measures.

Click here to view Manitoba’s Pandemic and Economic Roadmap for Recovery: Phase 3

Specific questions about hazardous cleanup, decontamination, safe handling, risk assessments, environmental testing and remediation can be directed to the MEIA COVID-19 Emergency Working Group

Click here to download MEIA member Manitoba Chambers of Commerce’s Road to Recovery Toolkit for Phase 3.