MEIA COVID-19 Working Group


As we continue to respond to the coronavirus pandemic, we want Manitobans to have the resources they need to help ensure this response occurs safely and efficiently.

In April 2020, MEIA established the MEIA COVID-19 Working Group of individuals representing companies who have (non-medical) expertise specializing in hazardous cleanup, decontamination, safe handling, risk assessments, environmental testing, and remediation. These industry services are essential to help ensure there is accurate information and a safe, efficient reboot of the economy.

The following is a list of the working group panel:

Jason Combe, Pinchin Ltd.
Sandy Marohn, Pinchin Ltd.
Patrick D Campbell, wood.
Annette Woodroffe, Miller Environmental
Darcy Culbertson, Miller Environmental
Barb Bayer, ALS Global
Tyler Nelson, GFL Environmental
Robert Brogan, Bureau Veritas Laboratories

For non-medical COVID-19 or any other hazardous waste issues, these individuals work for companies that are leaders in establishing protocols and guidelines for workplaces and places of assembly including public buildings, retail stores, and industry work sites, indoor or outdoor. The Working Group can provide guidance and direction on what to consider when looking for services from our MEIA members and industry.

For access to this Working Group, you can contact MEIA here with questions or direction related to these services.

Visit the Coronavirus Resources page on our website for a list of non-medical services and resources.

*Note: The expertise of the working group is not medical related. For COVID-19 health or medical related resources, please see the Province of Manitoba website.