MEIA COVID-19 Working Group and Resource List


Important notice to governments, community leaders, business managers, authorities and other industry Sector Council representatives: The Manitoba Environmental Industries Association has members who are experts in providing non-medical COVID-19 clean up, environmental testing, and decontamination services! 

ON April 29 the Government of Manitoba released a plan for easing the pandemic emergency measures and presented a cautious path forward. Read the Province of Manitoba’s Restoring Safe Services Outline here. We want Manitobans to know there exists within our industry the services available to help ensure this occurs safely and efficiently.

As such, we have established an MEIA COVID-19 Working Group of individuals representing companies who have expertise (non-medical) specializing in hazardous cleanup, decontamination, safe handling, risk assessments, environmental testing, and remediation. 

The following is a list of the working group panel:

Jason Combe, Pinchin Ltd.
Sandy Marohn, Pinchin Ltd.
Patrick D Campbell, wood.
Annette Woodroffe, Miller Environmental
Darcy Culbertson, Miller Environmental
Barb Bayer, ALS Global
Tyler Nelson, GFL Environmental
Robert Brogan, Bureau Veritas Laboratories

For non-medical COVID-19 or any other hazardous waste issues, these individuals work for companies that are leaders in establishing protocols and guidelines for workplaces and places of assembly including public buildings, retail stores, and industry work sites, indoor or outdoor. As government and health authorities begin to ease restrictions related to the pandemic, these industry services are essential to help ensure there is accurate information and a safe, efficient reboot of the economy. The Working Group can provide guidance and direction on what to consider when looking for services from our MEIA members and industry. For access to this Working Group, you can contact MEIA here with questions or direction related to these services.

*Note: The expertise of the working group is not medical related. For COVID-19 health or medical related resources, please see the following Province of Manitoba page.

List of Companies Providing Non-Medical COVID-19 Decontamination Services, Testing & Consultation

MEIA has established a list of the following companies and resources related to non-medical COVID-19 training, consultation and services. Please contact these companies if you are looking for any of the described services or consultation. An updated listing can also be viewed on MEIA’s website here.

ALS Canada Ltd.
ALS Winnipeg will offer COVID-19 analysis for Environmental swabs starting in May 2020. Using real-time PCR technology, and protocols adapted from the FDA/CDC emergency protocols for human testing, our method can provide same-day results. The Winnipeg facility is a licensed Containment Level 2 laboratory, where COVID-19 analysis can safely be conducted.
Contact: Barb Bayer | Phone: 204-255-9720 | Website

Bureau Veritas Laboratories
Bureau Veritas Laboratories provides environmental testing.
Contact: Marnie Kolach | Phone: 204-772-7276 | Website

DLF Consulting
Services are in the area of networking, coordinating, and planning as needed.
Contact: Daniel Friesen | Phone: 204-995-1165 | Website

Firetak Manufacturing Ltd.
Supplier of collapsible liquid containers to emergency response teams, fire departments, forestry, industrial and military officials worldwide.
Contact: Mike Donaghy | Phone: 204-975-0334 | Website

GFL Environmental
Onsite decontamination services for a wide range of environments and assistance restoring essential services. More information can be found here and here.
Contact: Tyler Nelson | Phone: 204-987-9600 | Website

Made Safe
A CME Manitoba initiative, Made Safe provides health and safety services designed specifically for the needs of the manufacturing work environment. In partnership with SAFE Work Manitoba, Made Safe makes it easier for employers and workers to ensure workplaces are safe and productive. Guided by an industry-led safety council, the association offers training, access to events and resources, consulting and certification by manufacturers, for manufacturers. View their upcoming events here.
Contact: Steven Hnatishin | Phone: 204-298-4294 | Website

Miller Environmental
COVID-19 decontamination response services provided by our highly trained 24/7 Emergency Response Team. Miller’s COVID-19 service offering uses industry best practices and the best available technology currently available to address the SARS-CoV-2 virus. More information on these services can be found here.
Contact: Darcy Culbertson | Phone: 204-299-3456 | Website

MWM Environmental
Disposal and hauling for waste management. Anything from construction waste to hospital waste.
Contact: Tim Oliver | Phone: 204 483-3986 | Website

For buildings and properties that are in distress or for emergency financing needs, Parsons offers Phase I environmental site assessments, Phase II and III environmental assessments, remedial and property cleanups (related to surface and subsurface chemical contamination issues), hazardous building material surveys, and land condition assessments. Parsons also maintains a fleet of SUVs and cargo vans with drivers for urgent delivery needs.
Contact: Carrie Strachan | Phone: 204-489-2964 | Website

Pinchin Ltd.
Pinchin provides support to facilities with fit testing, incident response, management plans, communication to building owners, training, building re-occupancy consulting, and reviewing cleaning agency facilities are using that are not in the CDC approved list to ensure they are still effective and many approved cleaners are becoming hard to find. More information on Pinchin’s services can be found here.
Contact: Sandy Marohn | Phone: 204-452-0983 | Website

Premier Removal Services
Providing decontamination, biohazard restoration, and additional cleaning and disposal services.
Conact: Brent San Filippo | Phone: 204-451-0885 | Website

Safe Haven Air Technologies
Safe Haven Air Technologies deals with indoor air quality remediation and by way of that, assisting companies to upgrade or add a layer of biosecurity control if they have not considered that in the new world we face today.
Contact: Gordon Gage | Phone: 204-771-6789 | Website

COVID-19 services provided include cleaning/remediation protocols or work plans, other H&S plans with COVID-19 focus(e.g. bloodborne pathogens, hazcom, HASPs), third party review/expert opinion and quality assurance, and supporting other Wood services to ensure project delivery (e.g. Occupational Health & Safety, geotechnical, environmental, and water resources). Additional information on Wood’s services can be found herehere, and here.
Contact: Patrick Campbell | Phone: 204-594-3028 | Website

Additional Non-Medical COVID-19 Resources

Bioscience Association of Manitoba (BAM)
Offering key information about potential funding opportunities, subsidies, and training related to assisting your organization in these challenging times.
Contact: Tracey Maconachie | Phone: 204-272-4042 | Website

EACO – Emerging and Existing Pathogen Cleaning
This guideline has been prepared to assist building professionals, environmental services companies, contractors, subcontractors, and workers that may need to manage risks related to emerging or existing pathogens or other similar infectious (respiratory) diseases. Read More.

Grant Thornton LLP
Grant Thrnton LLP is a leading Canadian accounting and business advisory firm providing audit, tax and advisory services. They have a page dedicated to COVID-19 resources and offer a guidance service

Manitoba Chambers of Commerce
The Manitoba Chambers of Commerce (MCC) regularly post news updates and host webinars to keep Manitoban businesses informed on the latest COVID-19 developments. See also: MCC Federal & Provincial COVID-19 Support Guide and COVID-19 Pandemic Preparedness Toolkit for Manitoba Businesses.

RIA Preliminary Report for Restoration Contractors Assisting Clients With COVID-19 Concerns
This document has been prepared by a wide range of experts from the cleaning and restoration industry to assist contractors in managing the risks arising from efforts to mitigate the COVID-19 pandemic. Read More.

World Trade Centre Winnipeg
The WTC Winnipeg provides support to Manitoba companies looking to grow their business beyond Manitoba and provides services to international companies interested in doing business with Manitoba companies. They have a page dedicated to COVID-19 resources that can be found here.

Note: MEIA is a member based industry association. Those contacting the listed companies are responsible for their own due diligence and procurement practices in securing services and equipment.