Manitoba Government Investing $3.1 Million to Establish Environmental Advisory Committee for the Outlet Channels Project


The Manitoba government is investing $3.1 million to establish an environmental advisory committee for the Lake Manitoba and Lake St. Martin Outlet Channels Project.

The new environmental advisory committee will provide advice and guidance during the planning, construction and operation of the outlet channels.

The department of Transportation and Infrastructure has submitted information to the Impact Assessment Agency of Canada as part of the process to receive federal environment approvals for the project. The department has also developed environmental management plans that outline the protection measures that will mitigate adverse effects. The project team will continue engaging with Indigenous groups and other communities to discuss these plans and community-specific concerns. 

The Lake Manitoba and Lake St. Martin Outlet Channels Project involves building two diversion channels, each approximately 23 km long. The Lake Manitoba Outlet Channel will run north from Watchorn Bay on Lake Manitoba to Birch Bay on Lake St. Martin. The Lake St. Martin Outlet Channel will run northeast from Lake St. Martin to Lake Winnipeg south of Willow Point. The project also includes building three bridges and two water control structures, a 24-kilovolt distribution line and adjusting the surrounding highway infrastructure.

The outlet channels will improve water regulation of Lake Manitoba and Lake St. Martin, reduce the likelihood of flooding on both lakes, and lower the risk of flood-related damages and disruption to communities in the area. For more about the project, visit

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