Manitoba Government Investing $1.55 Million to Support Mineral Sector Development


The Manitoba government is granting $1.55 million to the Mining Association of Manitoba Inc. (MAMI) and the Communities Economic Development Fund (CEDF) to support mineral exploration and development in the province, Economic Development, Investment and Trade Minister Jeff Wharton announced today.

“Driven by the emerging green economy, changing regulatory environments and evolving stakeholder expectations, the global demand for critical minerals is at an all-time high,” said Wharton. “With an abundance of clean, renewable energy, and the minerals deemed critical for emerging technologies, Manitoba has a strong foundation to advance its competitive edge and become a leader within this transformative economy.”

The minister noted that partnering with existing organizations that have well-established relationships with industry, communities, Indigenous rights-holders, educational institutions, and other stakeholders is the most effective way to achieve the outcomes and priorities of the Manitoba government.

“Manitoba’s critical minerals work supports the federal government’s mineral development objectives, which include encouraging economic growth, promoting environmental protection, advancing reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples, fostering diverse and inclusive communities, and enhancing global security and partnerships,” said Wharton.

As the primary industry association in the province, the Mining Association of Manitoba Inc. is in a unique position to market and promote Manitoba’s mining sector to the public as well as domestic and international investors, the minister noted, adding that MAMI’s projects will work to advance targeted initiatives within critical mineral development hubs.

These projects include:

  • launching an education and development campaign that highlights Manitoba’s lithium potential and its role in the transition to a green economy;
  • implementing employment readiness programs that include training on general mining operations, safety guidelines and environmental standards;
  • developing new, comprehensive mineral and exploration guidelines that outline provincial standards and industry best practices; and
  • supporting the development, marketing, and outreach for mining and mineral conferences in Manitoba.

“Manitoba is on the cusp of a new era in sustainable mining. MAMI is excited for the opportunity to assist with demonstrating the economic opportunity for Manitobans and the world,” said Stacy Kennedy, president, MAMI. “Manitoba can be a leader in the extraction of critical minerals, which is a critical part of the solution for combating climate change.”

The CEDF is Manitoba’s northern economic development partner, with a mandate to unleash the economic power of the north through leadership in community building, creating connections and advancing building development.

CEDF’s projects under this agreement include:

  • conducting a jurisdictional scan of industry support programs and providing recommendations on incentives that could increase the competitiveness of Manitoba’s mining sector;
  • developing a plan to attract new talent and secure foreign workers to meet labour market demands; and
  • launching an education and advocacy campaign that markets the tremendous potential of mining as both a solution to climate change and a driver of sustainable economic growth.

“The mining industry has employed thousands and contributed billions to Manitoba’s economy both in direct and indirect jobs, particularly in the northern region of the province,” said Chris Thevenot, CEO, CEDF. “This planning support will help ensure mineral development is a key component of a strong provincial and northern economy going forward and will better prepare the region for the many opportunities the mineral sector presents.”

The minister noted these investments address recommendations from the Look North report and action plan and the Manitoba – First Nations Mineral Development Protocol , which highlighted the need to prioritize mineral exploration and advance strategic partnerships to harness Manitoba’s mineral resources potential and advance economic reconciliation.

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Photo by Nicolas J Leclercq on Unsplash