Funding Opportunity: Emerging Approaches for Reducing Landfill Methane Emissions


The program will fund single or multi-year projects for pilot tests of emerging monitoring technologies to optimize methane recovery at landfills. The ultimate goal of the program is to mobilize Canada’s waste sector to prevent and reduce methane emissions from Canadian landfills.

Projects are eligible for funding up to a maximum of $200,000 per project (for its duration). Projects must be completed by March 31, 2025. A total of $750,000 in funding is available between April 2023 and March 31, 2025. The application deadline for initial allocation of funding is April 14, 2023. Applications can be submitted after this date if the process remains open.

The goal of the current funding is to support pilot scale implementation of emerging monitoring and automation systems including:

  • drone-based methane measurement systems that can identify methane hotspots and leaks, and/or quantify total site emissions
  • continuous methane monitoring systems that generate real-time continuous methane emissions data and identify leaks
  • automated wellfield tuning systems that can be added to existing LFG collection systems to maximize collection efficiency
  • other monitoring technologies that will assist in measuring methane emissions from landfills, identifying emissions sources or leaks, or improving LFG collection efficiency

Through this program, these systems will be installed and tested at existing open and closed Canadian landfills. Information will be gathered on the systems’ technical and economic effectiveness in the Canadian context and barriers to their adoption. The program will also provide relevant local examples of the technology implementation to interested landfill operators. If appropriate, further use of the systems can be promoted in order to ultimately contribute to the Government of Canada’s methane reduction commitments.

Visit the ECCC Funding Programs page for more information.