$8M Investment in Winnipeg Wastewater Projects Announced


The Manitoba government is announcing its support for the City of Winnipeg and critical wastewater infrastructure projects, including $7.5 million for the southwest sewer interceptor project and $433,000 for the risk mitigation infrastructure at the Darcy Sewer Lift station. This project is part of the City of Winnipeg’s long-term combined sewer overflow project to build additional system capacity, get more wastewater to the South End Sewage Treatment Plant while reducing nutrient loading into the province’s freshwater systems.

The announcement followed today’s meeting of a provincial-municipal task force on advancing wastewater projects. The task force works collaboratively alongside academics and experts to advance wastewater infrastructure projects that will improve environmental outcomes for Lake Winnipeg and the overall quality of life for Manitobans.

In 2013, Lake Winnipeg was designated the most polluted lake in Canada. The wastewater projects support the Manitoba government’s water management strategy framework along with the initial water action plan which was unveiled in early July.

For more information on the Manitoba government’s water management strategy, visit: www.manitoba.ca/water.

Photo by Noah Usry on Unsplash