Report: Re-envisioning an Energy Strategy for Manitoba


On March 10, 2020 the Re-envisioning an Energy Strategy for Manitoba: Planning for 2030 and Beyond workshop was held at The University of Winnipeg. The purpose of the event was to initiate a discussion amongst Manitobans about energy in the province. In doing so, it brought together people with a variety of energy-based perspectives and interests, including consumers, researchers, students, Indigenous peoples, energy providers, entrepreneurs, decision-makers, and members of the public interested in the future of energy use in Manitoba.

The objectives of the workshop were to:
1) Encourage members of the community to come together to discuss the future of our energy in Manitoba;
2) Hear from experts working on energy-based initiatives;
3) Hear from participants regarding interest in, and factors that drive interest in, various energy sources and models (including but not limited to hydro-electricity, distributed energy resources, etc.); and,
4) Identify and prioritize which factors should be taken into consideration in a forward-thinking energy strategy (e.g. greenhouse gas emissions, local control, range of alternatives, etc.).

This report summarizes key aspects of the event. Click here to read the report.