Province Seeking Public Input to Help Develop Long-Term Energy Policy Framework


The Manitoba government is seeking the public’s feedback for consideration in developing a long-term energy policy framework for the province.

Canada-based Dunsky Energy + Climate Advisors has been hired to engage a wide variety of stakeholders to explore potential priority areas and will recommend options to government for a new energy policy framework for Manitoba.

Governments and stakeholders recognize the importance of clean energy as a critical way to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions as well as an opportunity for green economic development. A modern, long-term provincial energy strategy would reflect government priorities, respond to the needs of multiple sectors, consider opportunities and risks associated with switching to electricity from fossil fuels, and assess opportunities for Manitoba to build on its existing value proposition as a producer of reliable clean electricity.

“There have been incredible changes in the way we produce, use and manage our energy resources and technologies. This new policy framework will replace the 2012 Clean Energy Strategy in order for us to address significant local, national and global shifts in the energy landscape,” said Environment, Climate and Parks Minister Jeff Wharton. “Issues including climate change, green economic recovery and development opportunities, the availability of new technologies and changes in government priorities across North America have dramatically changed the goals and objectives of energy policy frameworks. We want to hear Manitobans’ thoughts on these important issues.”

The survey is available at