Province Looking for Public Feedback on Strategic Investment Categories


The four proposed strategic investment categories are renewal, economic development, safety and climate resiliency, and connectivity and innovation.  The consultation and planning will:
•    enhance transportation mobility and connectivity;
•    ensure safety and reliability across the highway network;
•    enable industry expansion that leverages Manitoba’s diverse economy; and
•    build climate resiliency.

The province is asking the public and industry stakeholders for feedback on the proposed strategic investment categories to guide capital project infrastructure planning. Manitoba Infrastructure’s capital programs and plans cover a variety of projects including:
•    highway infrastructure such as roads, bridges, culverts, traffic signals and road signage;
•    water related infrastructure including drains, dams, bridges, culverts and low level crossings;
•    flood protection infrastructure such as dikes, diversion and floodway channels and pump stations;
•    transportation assets, weigh scales and ferries; and
•    Northern airport runways and associated operating requirements such as maintenance and lighting.

The proposed strategic investment categories will help guide where tax dollars are invested. The province will invest over $643 million in infrastructure assets this year including a minimum of $500 million per year on highways over the next three years for a total highways investment of $1.5 billion.

The public engagement and industry online feedback questionnaire on the proposed Strategic Investment Categories will be available from July 15 to Aug. 4 at