Province Ensures Support for Recycling and Waste Diversion Programming


Manitoba continues to encourage blue box recycling through almost $7 million in recycling rebates to municipalities and Northern Affairs communities. As residents stay home more, it is important to continue to provide opportunities to recycle paper and packaging, such as beverage containers.  

Manitoba is also continuing to support diverting organic waste from landfills, with up to $620,000 in Manitoba Composts Support Payments available to private and public compost facilities. Diverting organic waste to compost facilities extends the life of landfills, reduces greenhouse-gas emissions from the waste sector and produces compost, a valuable soil additive that supports plant growth.  

Mother Earth Recycling is receiving $50,000 to launch a pilot project to recycle child car seats and furniture. This project builds on the success of electronics refurbishment and mattress recycling in Winnipeg by this Indigenous-owned and operated social enterprise.  

Product Care Association is receiving $450,000 to collect and properly dispose of stockpiled household hazardous waste such as spray-foam containers and propane. This initiative focuses on northern landfills and helps to ensure these materials do not enter the environment.   

The Manitoba Association of Regional Recyclers (MARR) is receiving $60,000 to support Manitoba recycling organizations in adapting to the new and developing challenges created by COVID-19. This funding supports the sharing of information on industry trends and best practices, and promotes cost-efficient and effective recycling in Manitoba. 

Cleanfarms is receiving $185,000 to expand the collection and recycling of agricultural plastics in southern Manitoba. This program diverts grain bags and twine from landfills or on-site burning, extending the life of landfills and reducing air pollution.    

This announcement builds on the investment of $150 million for additional green initiatives to better protect the environment and support the goals and implementation of the Made-in-Manitoba Climate and Green Plan.

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