Leadership Training

Soft Skills Resources

As a part of our mandate to promote Education, Awareness, and Workforce Development, Manitoba Environmental Industries Association supports the enhancement of soft-skills amongst individuals who are working in the Natural Resources, Energy, and Environment sectors.

Soft-skills refer to the non-academic qualities required of an individual for them to secure employment.  For the Energy, and Environment & Cleantech industries between 2018 and 2024, Workplace Education Manitoba (WEM) used job forecasting data specific to Manitoba, along with data regarding attribute requirements to predict that active listening, speaking, reading comprehension, critical thinking, and monitoring will be some of the most sought-after qualities from employers seeking to hire.

The following are a number of soft-skills courses, workshops, and programs hosted by our partners:

Padraig Coaching & Consulting Inc.

Padraig Coaching & Consulting provides particularly skilled expertise in leadership development – including one on one executive coaching (in person and via technology) to facilitate an effective, efficient and timely integration of executives into new leadership roles. They are particularly successful working with leaders who are taking on a new team, as well as working with the team to help them adapt to the new leader. We facilitate a rapid transition for everyone, and bring the team to high-performance quickly.

The Network – A leadership peer group, coach-led, year-long learning program which includes each of our 4 leadership courses.

Taking all 4 courses, whether individually, through The Network program, or through an employer-organized in-house workshop/MEIA members workshop, will give participants 4 micro-credential badges and a digital certificate in Foundational Leadership.

Other programs/workshops offered by Padraig:

Bioscience Association Manitoba (BAM)

BAM’s events are tailored to meet any need, from providing users with world-class business opportunities, to enriching social events. BAM’s compelling events enable participants to achieve excellence; develop strategic partnerships, explore new regions, develop your workforce and personal development skills, and create global awareness. BAM offers a series of soft-skills workshops/events as well, called Work & Learning. Training available includes:

  • EXCEL Introduction to Pivot Tables
  • EXCEL Level 2 training
  • EXCEL Level 3 training
  • Microsoft Word Level 1
  • Microsoft Word Level 2
  • Microsoft Teams Training
  • Microsoft Outlook Training
  • Power Point Tips & Tricks
  • Intro to Project Management
  • Effectively Managing Change and Transition
  • Conducting Effective Performance Reviews
  • Coaching for Performance
  • Building a Respectful Workplace
  • Building a High Performance Team