Consultation on Proposed Regulations for Coal Tar-Based Sealant Products


Opened on December 13, 2021, and will close to new input on February 10, 2022.

The Government of Canada (GC) is seeking feedback on the Consultation Document on Proposed Regulations for Coal Tar-Based Sealant Products, which provides background and an overview of the proposed regulations for coal tar-based sealant products in Canada as well as economic and other considerations. The goal of this consultation is to inform interested parties and solicit feedback on the main elements of a proposed regulation for coal tar-based sealant products. Share your ideas or comments by February 10, 2022

Who is the focus of this consultation

GC would like to hear from:

  • Indigenous peoples
  • Provincial, territorial and local governments
  • Industry stakeholders and association members
  • Non-governmental organizations
  • General public

Key questions for discussion

To assist with the development of the proposed Regulations, the GC is soliciting information from stakeholders. Below are questions and areas of interest for which input is being sought.

  • What sealant products are you importing or manufacturing that contain coal tars? Please specify the product name and use.
    • What are the quantities (kilograms) of the products manufactured/imported per year?
    • What quantities of coal tars are contained in these products (kilograms)?
    • What are the concentrations of coal tar substances in these products?
  • Do you export sealant products that contain coal tars?
  • Are there any essential uses of these sealant products that GC should consider exempting from these proposed Regulations? If so, please provide scientific rationale as to why alternatives would not be technologically or economically feasible.
  • How long could it take for your company to transition to coal tar-free sealant products? Please provide any information regarding the alternatives you are considering including technical, economic, health and environmental data.
  • During our research on the possible uses of coal tar in products, it was noted that this product could be used in Coal Tar Enamel (CTE) as a pipeline coating material. The GC would like to have more information on this possible use in Canada to have a better idea of the current situation. Do you import or manufacture CTE? If yes, please provide the quantities of CTE manufactured/imported per year (kilograms).
    • How much coal tars are contained in the CTE (kilograms)?
    • What is the concentration of coal tars in the CTE?
    • Are you considering replacing CTEs with coal tar-free alternatives? Please provide any information regarding CTEs and the alternatives you are considering including technical, economic, health and environmental data.
  • Do you have any proposed methodology to evaluate the presence or absence of coal tars in a sealant product? Please provide details regarding this methodology including detection limits.

Please provide any other information that may help inform decisions on the development of these proposed Regulations.

The input gathered during this process will be taken into account in the development of the draft regulation.

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