Conservation and Climate Fund Now Accepting Applications


This year, the fund has been increased to $1 million for local green initiatives that support key priorities of the Made-in-Manitoba Climate and Green Plan. Last year’s $600,000 fund supported eight Manitoba organizations. Their projects addressed sustainable food production, community composting, clean energy, active transportation, climate adaptation of wetlands and nutrient reduction in the Lake Winnipeg basin.   
The application criteria are drawn from the pillars and keystones of the Made-in-Manitoba Climate and Green Plan. Grants will be available for projects that support current priorities and fit in one or more of the categories of climate and green technology, water, and nature and resilient landscapes.
Eligible applicants include incorporated non-profit organizations, academic and educational institutions, municipalities, businesses, and northern and Indigenous communities.
Applications will be assessed and ranked on established criteria and projected outcomes to ensure a strong performance-based approach. The assessment process is led by the Climate and Green Plan Implementation Office, which leans on the advice of partner departments for technical expertise. The application intake is now live and will close on July 22. Only eligible applications received during the declared intake period will be assessed and only one application may be submitted by each applicant during the intake.

The Conservation and Climate Fund is accessible via Manitoba GO (Manitoba Grants Online), a one-stop portal that provides convenient access to a variety of provincial grants. For information on the Conservation and Climate Fund and how to apply, visit