Clean Environment Commission Public Hearing To Be Held Regarding Silica Sand Extraction Project


The Manitoba Clean Environment Commission (CEC) will conduct a public hearing and review of an Environment Act proposal submitted by CanWhite Sands Corp. for a silica sand extraction project in the Rural Municipality of Springfield.

The province also announced the CEC’s terms of reference including direction to conduct a technical review of CanWhite’s proposal, which includes hydrogeology and geochemistry assessment reports, and to provide advice and recommendations to the minister regarding potential environmental effects of the proposed installation, operation and decommissioning of silica sand extraction wells.

The CEC will provide members of the public with the opportunity for input on CanWhite’s proposal at a hearing in a location consistent with the affected community.

The proposal is posted on the public registry, along with comments received from an inter-departmental technical advisory committee and from the public during the comment period of the environmental assessment licensing process. These documents can be found at

The CEC is a provincial agency that facilitates public involvement in environmental matters and offers advice and recommendations to the minister of conservation and climate regarding environmental issues, project approvals and environmental licences.