Call For Companies Providing Non-Medical COVID-19 Recovery Services


The Manitoba Environmental Industries Association (MEIA) has formed a non-medical COVID-19 Recovery Working Group to help address what is the biggest health and economic crisis in generations. MEIA is a resource for governments, managers, businesses, authorities, and industry for experts in providing non-medical COVID-19 environmental testing, cleaning, and decontamination services. 

We are offering the opportunity to have your organization listed and promoted if you are offering non-medical COVID-19 consultation and services. To be on the list, please email [email protected] with your request to be listed, company name, contact person email and phone number, and website directing clients to your COVID-19 services.

*Note: MEIA is a member based industry association. Those contacting the listed companies are responsible for their own due diligence and procurement practices in securing services and equipment.