Career Opportunity: Executive Director - Sustainable Building Manitoba

Last Updated: 2018/11/23 10:44:02 AM

The Board of Sustainable Building Manitoba would like to invite Expressions of Interest for Executive
Director duties.

Along with the traditional not-for-profit association management functions, the Board is seeking an
contractor or organization with a demonstrated interest in sustainable building to work closely with
them in areas of strategic planning, advocacy, event planning, acquiring sponsorships, promotion,
research and provide the Board advice on current topics and association matters.

If you are interested, please submit a concise (two page maximum) summary of your experience and
interest in this position to

Deadline for submissions: December 12, 2018
Start Date: January 2019

About the Position:
● Part-time (~2 days per week)
● Flexible hours
● Flexible work location
● 4-5 meetings or events per month, except for July and August
Preferred Skills and Experience
● Excellent Communication skills including public speaking
● Budget management
● Board experience
● Fundraising or Sponsorship recruitment
● Advocacy experience
● Experience and knowledge of the Sustainable Building Industry
● Knowledge of Google email apps, Outlook, Social Media and Mail Chimp
General Duties and Responsibilities
● Be responsible to the membership through the execution of the SBM Strategic Plan;
● Work with the SBM Board to secure adequate funding for the operations of the organization,
including the development and implementation of a fundraising strategy;
● Administer the funds of the SBM according to the approved budget and monitor the monthly
cash flow.

Operational Planning and Management
● In conjunction with the SBM Board, develop and implement an operational plan based on the
SBM’s Strategic Plan;
● In conjunction with the SBM Board, prepare a comprehensive budget and long range forecast
and ensure the organization is in compliance with all legislation;
● Provide the SBM Board with regular comprehensive financial reports and ensure the preparation
and timely submission of the annual auditors report and financial report, with contracted
accountant assistance;
● Approve routine expenditures within the authority delegated by the SBM Board;
● Organize and attend all Board meetings and issue meeting notes;
● Oversee all other day-to-day operational activities.
Leadership and Board Development
● Organize, champion and participate in the annual review of the SBM Strategic Plan;
● Identify, assess and inform the SBM Board to internal and external issues that affect the SBM,
and the sustainable built environment community;
● Act as a professional advisor to the SBM Board on all aspects of the organization’s activities;
● Conduct official correspondence on behalf of the SBM Board;
● Maintain relationships with industry organizations, stakeholder groups and participate in
regional meetings and forums;
● Develop and maintain the volunteer network and oversee volunteer committees and activities.
Marketing and Communications
● Oversee the planning, implementation and evaluation of SBM activities, services and local
● Communicate with members and other stakeholders to keep them informed of SBM activities;
● Act as a spokesperson for the SBM and represent the SBM at public and corporate events
related to green buildings, infrastructure development, energy conservation and sustainable
design and technology;
● Establish good relationships with municipalities, provincial and federal agencies, community
groups, funders, politicians, and other organizations and encourage the adoption of green
building design and sustainable community development;
● Oversee ongoing updates to the SBM’s website, with contracted web designer
● Oversee SBM’s social media presence

About Sustainable Building Manitoba:
Sustainable Building Manitoba is a not-for-profit member-based organization with a Vision of “A
sustainable built environment in Manitoba”. Our reach of over 1,200 people and numerous corporate
supporters all work towards our Mission “To be a leader, showcase local innovation, and inspire our
stakeholders to create life-enhancing environments”. Now in our thirteenth year, we actively carry out
this mission by offering networking and education opportunities, by promoting collaboration in the local
industry and advocating for sustainable building in Manitoba. We are the most recognized sustainable
building knowledge hub for governments, media and industry.

The current strategic plan and other pertinent documents can be found at


Dennis Cunningham
Board Chair
Sustainable Building Manitoba