Providing Small Businesses with Better Access to Government Support and Procurement Opportunities

Last Updated: 2017/10/24 07:13:04 AM

On October 16th, 2017, The Government of Ontario announced new measures to celebrate Small Business Week (Oct 15-21).

Since 2011 Analytica Advisors has provided evidence to support the implementation of market measures to strengthen market access for emerging and potentially high growth Small- and Medium-sized Enterprises. 

This is the case in the USA through regulations promulgated under Section 15 of the Small Business Act (1958). With respect to subcontracting requirements, Public Law 95-507 changed the emphasis from voluntary to mandatory and from "best efforts" to "maximum practicable opportunity" for prime contractors with regard to their subcontracting obligations from SMEs. 

Establishing performance benchmarks that track the success of firms founded 10 years ago or less will be the test of successful implementation of this new policy. For many years, the share of employment, revenue and R&D investment from new Ontario firms has been declining.

The President of Analytica Advisors is also senior fellow at the Centre for International Governance Innovation where she published these papers calling for structural measures to provide market access to clean technology firms.

By: Analytica Advisors