Environmental Approvals Branch Contaminated / Impacted Sites File Review Process

Last Updated: 2017/07/13 05:20:13 AM

Notice to Consultants / Stakeholders:

The Environmental Approvals Branch (EAB) of Manitoba Sustainable Development (SD) is currently undergoing a file review for the Contaminated Sites (CS) Program historical files.

The files are being reviewed to determine the current status of the site and to ensure that all CS files are up to date and accurate. In particular cases, data or reports/letters may be missing that support, or will enable the EAB group to make a decision on the status of the site.

If the file is suspected of missing or deficient of reported data, the EAB will look to either the property owner, or the last known consultant on file for that information.

Since some of the files have not been reviewed for extended periods, follow-up and applying a status to a site by the EAB may be indeterminate, and therefore the inquiry for more information that would be associated with the CS file will be necessary, if available.

As the EAB moves through the review process we ask for your assistance should we inquire about a file, and also graciously ask for your patience.

Contaminated / Impacted Sites Program
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Hazardous Waste, Petroleum & Contaminated Sites Section
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