Province Protects Islands on Lake Winnipegosis, Designates Two New Provincial Park Reserves

Last Updated: 2017/06/20 11:42:58 AM

June 15, 2017


The Manitoba government is designating two park reserves, Goose Islands and Grand Island, as Manitoba’s 91st and 92nd provincial parks, Sustainable Development Minister Cathy Cox announced today.

“Our government recognizes the importance of protecting areas with significant natural and cultural value, particularly the habitat of the province’s variety in nature,” said Cox.  “These islands will be protected and will remain undeveloped, ensuring that Manitobans are able to enjoy our natural sites and Indigenous peoples have continued access to the area for hunting, trapping, fishing and other traditional pursuits.”

The minister added that designating these park reserves as provincial parks will also protect important wildlife habitat and breeding grounds for a variety of bird species as well as moose, fox and white-tailed deer.

“These lands have great historical significance as traditional lands utilized by generations of Anishinaabe people from Pine Creek First Nation and other surrounding Indigenous communities,” said Chief Karen Batson, Pine Creek First Nation.  “As a community, we are pleased to have worked collaboratively with provincial counterparts to ensure the continued preservation of this natural habitat for future generations.”

Both provincial parks are located in the northern basin of Lake Winnipegosis approximately 60 kilometres southwest of Grand Rapids.  Goose Islands, 145 hectares in size, includes five islands near the eastern shore of Lake Winnipegosis while Grand Island is just over 1,000 hectares and includes two large islands and several small islands off the western shore of Lake Winnipegosis.

The minister noted that protected areas are the most effective and economical way to protect wildlife populations, maintain natural cycles and safeguard pristine areas. 

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