Emerging Issues Conference: "All Directions"

Last Updated: 2014/10/29 02:17:24 AM

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Topics/speakers include:

Legislation and Regulation

  • Dangerous Goods Handling & Transportation Act update - Don Labossiere – Conservation and Water Stewardship
  • Legal perspective on  topics including regulatory approaches to renewable energy and on the Law Reform Commission:
    • Brent Kendall/Ian McIvor - D'Arcy & Deacon LLP
    • Sven Hombach - Fillmore Riley LLP
    • Sheryl Rosenberg - Thompson, Dorfman, Sweatman LLP

Following the Legislation and Regulation session, there will be 4 panels sessions (2 concurrent in the morning and 2 in the afternoon) covering:

  • The Resource-full North
    • HOST:  Rob Penner, University College of the North
    • Shirley Neault, Hudbay Minerals
    • Bill Henderson - Manitoba Hydro
    • Jayne Sheppard, Tolko - Topic: Environmental Issues and Opportunities at Tolko Manitoba Kraft Papers
  • Oil and Gas in the Wild West
    • HOST:  Jeff McConnell, Mayor of the Town of  Virden
    • Stephen Carlyle, Manitoba Habitat Heritage Association - Topic:  Habitat Banks
    • Keith Lowdon,  Petroleum Branch, MB Mineral Resources
  • Industrial Evolution - Adapting to our Changing Climate
    • HOST: Curt Hull, Climate Change Connection
    • Daniel Lepp Friesen, DLF Consulting -Topic:  Biomass Economy Network (BEN)
    • Roger Rempel, Stantec Consulting - Topic: Beyond CHC Mitigation-The Urgent Need for Assessing and Managing Climate Change Impacts to the Built Environment
    • Juliane Schaible, Conservation andWater Stewardship - Topic:  Building a Climate Reslient Economy
  • Growing Green under the Southern Sun
    • HOST: Curtis McCrae, Keystone Agricultural Producers
    • Wade Barnes, Farmers Edge Precision Consulting Inc. - Topic: Fertilizer Application Software
    • Chris Anderson, Monsanto - Topic:  Enhancement of Environmental Sustainability
    • Andrew MacSkimming, Pitblado - Topic:  Carbon Offsets in Agriculture

Keynote speaker: Paul Goudreault, Oil and Gas Sector, AMEC    Topic:  Shale Gas & Oil Development: Understanding the Benefits and Threats

4:30 to 6:30  RECEPTION TO FOLLOW.

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