Manitoba Government Partners With The Forks To Launch Winnipeg's First Public, Electric-Vehicle Charging Station

Last Updated: 2014/05/22 01:18:59 AM

The Manitoba government and The Forks have partnered to launch Winnipeg's
first, publicly accessible electric-vehicle charging station to support and
encourage the use of clean, electric-powered transportation, Municipal
Government Minister Stan Struthers announced today at The Forks.

"Although electric vehicles are still a relatively new concept, we are
pleased to support the installation of this charging station at The Forks,
providing a handy, central location where owners of electric cars can
recharge their batteries," said Minister Struthers. "As electric vehicles
gain acceptance and popularity, our province's low-priced electricity will
help make this option more affordable and an attractive alternative to
fossil-fuelled vehicles."

The new electric-vehicle (EV) charging station is installed at a dedicated
EV-only parking space located near The Forks Market main entrance by the
Pancake House restaurant.

"We're thrilled to be the first public EV station in the city. With the
number of visitors we welcome and our own target zero initiatives, it makes
perfect sense," said Jim August, chief executive officer, The Forks. "We
hope to add the success of this EV station to a list of green initiatives
that include a geothermal heat-pump system, converting waste fryer oil to
biofuel, a site-wide recycling and biocomposting program, and many other

Minister Struthers noted while the purchase price of an electric vehicle is
currently higher than an equivalent
gasoline-powered vehicle, over time it is expected that fuel savings,
reduced maintenance and increased availability of these vehicles will help
balance the price difference.

The province plans to support additional installations of EV charging
stations for public use at other sites such as Assiniboine Park. The level
two chargers provide 240 volts and will give a full charge in approximately
half the time of a level one charger, which is like a block heater and
provides 120 volts.

Minister Struthers also announced the launch of a new website at:
http://dev2.manweb.internal/csm/drive_electric/tools.html, that provides
information on available services for electric vehicles. The website was
prepared jointly by the province, the Canadian Auto Association (CAA)
Manitoba, Manitoba Hydro, Manitoba Public Insurance and Red River College.

"The accompanying website will help people understand why this technology is
important, provide basic information on the benefits of electric vehicles,
and give details on the research and results of testing these vehicles,"
Minister Struthers said. "This project plays an important role in our
provincial clean-energy strategy and electric-vehicle road map that will
produce environmental and economic benefits now and in the future."

The charging station and website are part of Manitoba's electric-vehicle
roadmap which includes an electric bus developed by the Manitoba government,
Red River College, Mitsubishi, New Flyer Industries and Manitoba Hydro.

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