The MEIA is partnering with ECO Canada to host this year's conference featuring:

  • Opening Remarks - Minister Catherine Cox, Sustainable Development

Througout the day we will be hosting sessions on:

Legislation and Regulation 

  • Byron Williams, University of Winnipeg
  • Crystal Eyjolfson, Sustainable Development
  • Theo Heinman, 1Life Workplace Safety Solutions
  • Sheryl Rosenberg, TDS Law

Session topics will include the following topics:

Climate Change

  •  Hank Venema, Prairie Climate Centre
  •  Nancy Olewiler, Acting Director, School of Public Policy, Simon Fraser University

Drinking Water Quality

  • Ken Mattes, Manitoba Circuit Rider Training Program (Drinking Water in First Nations Communities)
  • Christina Devine, Virginia Tech University - (Flint Michigan Water Crisis)

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Emerging Issues Conference

December 1, 2016


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